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We never stopped.
A good idea, indeed!

We have come a long.
2015 - Inception with hand-drawn art on paper
2016 - Company Registration + College Fleas across Mumbai
2017 - Worked with CITI, BB Ki Vines, Cello, IPL, Abhi Bus, etc.
2018 - Launched Wedding Doodler & Participated in Spoken Fest
2019 - Doodlebawa Trademark + Released new products
2020 - Cracked a deal with Crosswords - India
2021 - 1st Offline Store in Nagpur + LEGO Creator of the Year
2022 - Under25 Festival +
2023 - Launched T-Shirts, Hoodies and Drippy Rugs
2024 - Our Website goes LIVE and counting...

Types of Customers at Doodlebawa

The Nostalgia Sailor

When something from the past ticks off your list of happy memories, then there is no stopping. No matter which bracket you fall under - GEN X - Y or Z, you will always find things to fall for at Doodlebawa.

This Cartoon Network rug got sold in a flash.

The Happy Hoarder

At Doodlebawa, you will always find something for everyone. A common trait across all shoppers at Doodlebawa - 'They name a person from their friend circle who would love that design and pick it up'.

The most popular kind of shoppers.

The Pop Culture Freak

Ohh Damn, hahahhaha!
That is so clever. I want one of these.
P.S. this one was when Brahmastra dopped and it comes with a free box of matchsticks :)

What we also see them do is softly explain it to their friends who didn't understand the quirk and go +1 on them in being the cooler one.

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Customer Testimonials

Dope is an understatement

Totally love the quirk and the design of the products. Got myself a rug and it has got my interiors a fresh vibe.

Take all my money

All my notebooks come from Doodlebawa. I literally have one for every mood and it makes life a lot more fun :)